19-Day, 0-to-1, Farcaster Experiment

From whimsical ideas to tangible products?

Starting today, 1/9/2024, I moved into my basement (not my mom's, my wife's), packed my belongings, and committed to a 19 day sprint. Consider this a bootcamp (this entire idea was inspired by my time in SFAS).

A sprint to what? Product sprint, development sprint, founder sprint, focus sprint, or maybe more like a self-accelerator. Effective acceleration, I suppose.

The goal is the following (ideas started here):

  1. Keep a stream live for 19 consecutive days, live-stream and stream of thought.

  2. Create 3 artifacts; (1) a "self-accelerator" outline, (2) a pitch deck (Sequoia template), (3) a product mvp.

  3. Move an idea from 0-to-1, in public, answering questions I have wondered, mostly alone, as a founder, a web3 tech adopter, and a Farcaster community member (I have casted most of them).

One of the biggest things I wish to accomplish, what can be done when you clear the floor of almost all distractions, and focus all the energy into an idea. Can you truncate 8-months of "meandering" into 19-days.

I personally have witnessed this answer to be yes. Not for the things I am attempting now, for other(s).

What can be done as a first-time founder, leaning heavily into a community of builders (Farcaster), with a "whimsical" idea, can we turn it into something real?

Let's see.


What to measure the next 19 days + questions.

  • Progress on 3 artifacts. (deck, mvp, growth and outline of

  • Downtime/uptime of live stream.

  • Number of meetings.

  • Number of times I am not working on the idea (eg. losing connecting with the sense of flow and integration of the idea).

  • As we move to smaller and smaller teams, can more and more be done with just 1-person that can focus?

  • Is decentralization and terminally online highly connected?

  • Is the future of compounding attention to grow it over minutes, hours, days, to produce new connections, new opportunities? (not weeks or months)

  • What does it look like to take an idea and move it along the design process? (like the squiggle design)

    • this is one way, my way, some may view this as too much, too little, or somewhere in-between. I have found my brain struggles to stream without being connected to the public stream.

  • This list will continue to grow..

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