A Vision of Higher.

A universal property.

I want to explore the concept of ‘higher’ as a fundamental evolutionary characteristic. Not just in terms of physical space but as a prominent ethos guiding the progress of the universe - technology, society, and consciousness.

Since the beginning of time, the particle knows nothing other than higher. Inflating into the event horizon, expanding higher, beyond imagination.

As each particle attached to the next, planets grew, creating a revolving door of higher. The revolutions gave birth to higher atoms, those atoms to higher bytes.

In-between, civilizations grew. Creating humanity to its highest form. Each civilization seeking a higher form of itself. Each individual seeking a higher form of self. Evolving, higher.

In this meme of ‘higher’, we create provenance, with the inheritance of fractals.

Higher is not a lifestyle, it’s not brands, it’s not ideas, it’s not space, it’s an inherited characteristic of the universe.

Higher is abundant. As abundant as the universe.

To go higher we must accept the constraints of a new abundance. Each constraint feeding into, and from, the next higher.

These constraints exist in the ideas of beliefs, beliefs in;

Time → Family → Money → Hierarchy → Identity → Technology → Higher

I won’t cover all of these in this essay, and each of these bleed into each other, but the lens I apply today is a direction to move into states of ‘higher’. And this is not exhaustive.

The goal is to begin identifying patterns, create language, and design, to enter higher states through time.

We will find ourselves in higher lows, at any point, or within any category, but we have never had a higher sense of self. Through this higher sense of self we can create new belief structures, patterns that bring about the next higher civilization.

We must go higher to adopt new abundance.


COVID was a catalyst for time. There are few global events in history that capture and change perception of time. In these events time spent suffer immediate changes. Locations and activities happen at different times abruptly. This change creates a focus on new needs, new wants, new cracks. In these events we reach a higher sense of time.

Asking how we spend time at work, with family, with ourselves. Leaking into our interpretation of time, consciousness of time, and recording of time.

The things we do today, in one day, could be the equivalent of things we did one week, years ago. There are many reasons for this, at the heart of it all, it is time. Using it in new ways, making it mutable, relative to its past.

How we measure ourselves against this mutable form of time, makes the world more abundant, more in favor of human existence, across galaxies, higher into the event horizon.

This is a pattern throughout the universe.

How time is spent is relative to the progress of time, spending it higher the more aware of the moment we become.

So how do we spend our time with family?


Because we are grappling with a new sense of time, we are also grappling with how time changes our family beliefs, just in time for a higher family structure.

There are many depressing headlines, I’d imagine an equal number of happy headlines exist – if they were only attention grabbing. Instead, this happiness gets suppressed into society, left there for the next generation to uncover. This is another pattern, for families, in time, maybe through therapy.

Kids, I’m not sure what to believe, less kids, more kids, stagnation. Overall, my observation traveling around the world with 2 kids under 5 has been, my family is crazy. This is anecdotal, most think I’m on vacation or that I have a ton of money. When in truth, we’re experimenting and learning anywhere around the world. As a family.

This is a testament of the higher fabric that now exists in human society, and economies. To have kids and not be tied down through the physical constraints of modern economies, technology, or liberated from the old constraints of an antiquated society.

If we’re having less kids, it’s because we have trauma from our past, because there’s never been a greater time to have more kids.

There is abundance for them in higher amounts..

There are many belief structures that exist within families that prevent a higher version of kids.

Lower income families rarely see abundance of options and opportunity, yet they may not see them because the good options aren’t attention grabbing. They are simply complex. Complex because they go against the fabric of society, against the beliefs of our own. Never spoken of.

What worked for them will not work for us. The approach is different, the end is the same.

A happier family. A higher family.

But, how do you have a happier family by reframing our beliefs of family structure, and new interpretations of time, if you’re not producing money?


Higher money.

Every technological unlock has moved from speculation of money into adoption of money.

Adoption is a higher form of speculation. Speculation is fleeting, and fleeting things are necessary for innovation. Fleeting precedes a higher state, adoption. Each a higher form of the last.

At its very core, money is a belief structure with a peg between nodes. Other words to describe the idea, an edge with nodes, two dots and a line. Today the highest form of liquid money is called USD, US Dollar. The reason is simple, it garnered the most adoption. It has more edges than any other money in circulation. The way it got there, or reasons, is the least of matters. The quantity of edges and nodes represent its value.

Today we have new edges and nodes. Nodes that extend deeper into human society, and economies, allowing new edges to form, faster, easier, bringing a higher form of money.


If a country, or corporation, is a centralized regime to create more efficient nodes and edges, to help circulate money with higher value.

Blockchains are a centralized regime to create more efficient nodes and edges, to help circulate money with higher value.

Money reaches higher; speculation precedes adoption, countries precede networks, networks precede economies, economies precede money, money precedes cryptocurrency.

This is a cycle, or pattern, of recirculation. Entropy. Waste management. Renewable energy. Money is energy.

Cryptocurrency is the higher form, reaching a new lower entropy, where money can be more representative of human behavior, energy.

If crypto is the higher form of money, how do we circulate its value?


I’m giving up my path as a “founder”. I have learned to respect all titles, yet I found myself wanting to ascribe, new, ‘higher’ language to the term, founder.

Business has become a narrative. A story. And how we tell those stories matter. Especially as value can be captured earlier in time, earlier in the value chain of commerce, through higher money, cryptocurrency, on blockchains.

If founders are the ‘do all’, CEO’s the ‘manage alls’, who is the founder that is also creating the onchain story, so early in the process, that when history becomes told through onchain analysis, the narrative is more granular than ever before?

Introducing family businesses, the small business owner, the onchain creator.

A higher form of ourselves, to drive the narratives of tomorrow, through the products of today, onchain, higher.

Because we will speak to the clouds and religion requires us to go higher into ourselves.


To wrap this infinite loop of patterns, we are always going higher, no matter the headline. Inflation is to go higher. Deflation is to go higher. Stagnation is to go higher.

We always go higher, it’s a universal law.

Will you go higher?


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