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Grey, What Will It Be..?

Set expectations, driven by Farcaster links.

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“Working on stories and technology for the 22nd century.”

That’s far out and that’s intentional. In truth that's not that far out there but okay its out there, like 75yrs out, my kids will be alive, maybe even me. I mean we're over here obsessing about Roman Empires and Industrial Revolution.

My main purpose is to ensure you know, I don’t know where this lands, while holding some point of a future destination (1-liners included below), I’m working, constantly towards. 

To illustrate the importance of this point of trying to foresee the future I often use a standard story.

It is well known the drunken sailor who staggers to the left or right with n independent random steps will, on the average, end up about (square root n) steps from the origin. But if there is a pretty girl in one direction, then his steps will tend to go in that direction and he will go a distance proportional to n. 

In a lifetime of many, many independent choices, small and large, a career with a vision will get you a distance proportional to n, while no vision will get you only the distance (square root n). In a sense, the main difference between those who go far and those who do not is some people have a vision and the others do not and therefore can only react to the current events as they happen.

One of the main tasks of this course is to start you on the path of creating in some detail your vision of your future”

-Richard R. Hamming, Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn

Farcaster has been such course for me. 

Grey consist of many topics. From fashion, to science, to technology, to random philosophical anecdotal perspectives. All anchored on a future with a dynamic perspective, shaped by the School of Farcaster. Some call it The Farcaster Aristocracy

Where technology underpins our society in a way we didn’t previously imagine. Where narratives and culture become hyper, where attention and focus enters a new arc, where religion and politics are undifferentiated, where children and families may appear. Where “humans” last forever. 

This is about discussing how society furthers their digital age, literally. The age of our digital selves.

Some may think about /gray-tribe, others may think about /network-states, others may think about /ai, many others may have /shower-thoughts

Yeah, I guess, those are definitely included. But those are end states, states that will also continue to evolve in itself. The greater work lies in how we get there. 

How /art evolves our language. How /love grows our families. How /war changes our history. How /ai helps us learn. How /creators grow our future. How /technology is so wildly cool. 

Shit, I don’t know, I just want to talk about web3 tech, Farcaster, digital identities, the future, my work learnings, amazing products, or teams, with a hope to land on some decent stuff from time to time. For all you cool cats in the world. And AI, ofc. 

I hope you join me, if you don’t, I get it, attention really is the modern day gold. I hope to earn it one day. 

Sorry for holding out on this tl;dr. I’d rather set expectations rather early, not later, these days.

1-liners I think describe these writings (the "fixed" future):

  • Writing stories, working on technology, that drives a 22nd century narrative. 

  • Bridging a divide between a digital and physical world. 

  • The effective acceleration of a mid-tech-adopter into “brain-hood” (a ref to the mid-meme). 

Topics I’ll likely post (the "dynamic" journey):

  • Books, 

  • Farcaster, 

  • Products & User Behavior, 

  • Things I’m working on (data, side-project),

  • Things I notice from day-to-day interactions that intersect with technology adoption, over arching global narratives, fashion, or families. 

Tempo may be 1-2 post a week via paragraph. 

Much love to you all, may our web3 / Farcaster journey endure a lifetime of friendship. 

  • Les Greys 

I look forward to meeting so many of you one day.

For those that want to see earlier versions of things I write, before publishing you can visit my public Apple Notes RSS feed

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