How fashion got us here, and will get us there.

A lightening talk on human history and our future.

In FarCon 2023 I gave a presentation about the World Builder jacket, aka Purple Jacket. A jacket to represent the ideas of building a new world through the community we found ourselves in, Farcaster. The presentation and initial prototype was funded by Purple.

The presentation received a lot of great feedback. Feedback I was not entirely ready for. The idea was fairly simple. Apply the ethos I saw within the Farcaster community around a personal narrative of building a world, through struggle and persistence.

Building in public a story, before it is ready, around family, fashion, community, co-creation, and authenticity. That was the through-line.

The idea(s) seem to have stuck. A year later we discuss the moment and the idea(s), and I still feel the pull from myself and the community.

In FarCon 2024, I want to take it a step further, taking something personal, and drawing a through-line that I believe many miss.

The connection between fashion, the evolution of civilization, the technology that has gotten us here, and the technology that will get us there.

The talk will include the following:

  1. A brief history of fashion

  2. How fashion brought about technological progress

  3. The patterns existing between fashion and technology

  4. Where technology enables a world of human expression

  5. How this human expression creates value in the world

  6. Concluding with how value is maximized through the merge of fashion and technology.

World Building the next phase of our ideas. If you would like to see this talk, vote for it.

Thank you.

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