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An Update: Punches, Pivots, & Hugs.

Changing purpose and focus of working, writing, and building.

Working on Tar Task and Hustle Hurdles (h/t: @cameron)


For a little under a year, I've been a full-time founder. My first attempt in the tech space. It's been one of the steepest learning curves I've had the privilege to climb. All possible because of the amazing Farcaster community.

There is, so little doubt, without the massive support of optimistic anons (who later KYC'd via in-person meetups & video calls) existing within the Farcaster protocol, my journey would have been closer to suicide.

Instead, it's been a continuous climb up, learning something new every day. The learning rate within these circles are exponential. If you can keep up. And so, over the last 3 months, that's been my problem, difficulty keeping up, feeling punched constantly. Where once I kept up with my work, the memes, narrative, and vibe, I find myself entering rooms holding pizza boxes. Sometimes fires, other times house parties, other times idk what.

All this to say, IRL has demanded more and more of me, with this has come a pressure of delivering on promises I want to keep - to my family and to the Farcaster community.


So, as one does, I am shifting my time and priorities around.

  1. Opening myself back up to employment, or consulting, on product strategy, user-behavior research, market research, or developer relations roles for web3 tech adoption.

  2. Writing on this blog on a deeply interesting topic that hits at the center of my experiences, as a mid, a founder, a worker, and an immigrant internet citizen, exploring Grey Citizenry.

  3. Building (and learning to build), quietly, in private, slowly, more predictably, during nights and weekends, a consumer experience I would love built on the Farcaster protocol.


The last update I have is regarding the World Builder jacket. Something I wear and hug daily. My timelines have been completely shifted from what I originally expected. Having to go back to the drawing board on getting the jacket(s) built and delivered. Fear of this pushed me into not wanting to advertise or sale any units before I had more concrete details. Especially since I don't care to do fast-fashion. Not my taste, not my style.

It's likely, my fear materialized the failings. But, here I am. For now, I have no timelines due to focusing on competing priorities. With anticipation to work on sourcing as time permits.

My intent will be to return the funds won in the purple prop. Some may think this is right, others not. For me, it's what feels right. A matter of my own principles of delivery. I have stated the funds from the prop were not to fund the actual development, merely a vote of confidence that such an idea would be desirable.

Till this day, I think it holds true.

The Farcaster community desires a physical connection to what they are experiencing in this beautiful digital garden and clothing is the closest thing, atm, to making that possible.

The things I have learned at understanding how we wear our clothes from the "hoodie & shorts" community is unquestionably something I will continue to harvest and wear on my shoulders in my shadows.

Fashion is a medium of physical expression that will continue to grow as digital adoption continues.


It's very likely the majority of these pressures are self imposed but that's a good thing imo. For having a sense of self-responsibility to a community are the things that make a community great. If the Farcaster community weren't as great as it has been, my sense of responsibility to this community would be greatly diminished. These are the same pressures I feel towards my family.

For the record, to date, there has not been a community that I have felt a greater sense of purpose towards than those I have met in the Farcaster community. Not IRL, nor digitally.

Next steps for me, stepping back as a full-time founder, and shifting towards a role, or consulting, in an organization attempting to leverage web3 adoption and looking to understand users, markets, and products better.

Next for this blog is all about the Grey Tribe and the coming cloud states.

Next for @studio, well, we'll see.


If you're in the web3 consumer space and would like discuss potential work, collaborations, or partnerships, I'd love an opportunity to work with you. Reach me on Warpcast or email.

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