Random and Weird, Gentrification. 3/52

The happening within us, not to us.

The lady that works to protect a building could not simply answer a question of the time of operations for that building.

This it not to say anything about the person.

This is to say everything about the times.

I could have very easily, gone on my phone and looked this information up.

Maybe 30seconds.

I opted to ask the security guard, she was right in front of me, clearly had everything to do with this building, “she could answer this” my mind thought.

The age of local human knowledge is reaching escape velocity.

We are literally escaping it.

I bet she could have answered what was going on in global politics.

The complete opposite of her parents, and every other generation before her. The security guard was easily in her 40s.

So yeah, I opted for…

(1 hour passes, welcome to time travel)

Hold the phone… I just met Mimi.

Oh my lord.

The universe works in the most mysterious way!

I couldn’t have ended this in any other fashion.

“Is that the sun rise dance” she said a couple days ago.

That was fucking “Mimi”.

I can’t fucking believe it!

Here she is, right in front of me.

“Are we going to do our sun rise dance” I say, looking away from writing and up at the sunrise.

From there it all starts.

A walk of historic meaning.

A story I want to tell.



Cheese it! I’m crying again. Is that you Fred?

So Mimi. She took me for a walk and shared with me everything I needed to know. To make me feel emotion, my senses, my head, my neurons and to move my way through world.

To not be gentrified.

To be human.

To live.

Mimi requires her own story. The entire thing.

Before and after, the “Big Bang”.

Thank you White Dove.

(A note for memory, people on their phones sometimes are just writing stories, like this one, or the next one. The difference between experiencing and observing can be separate activities. This is what social media has taught us.)

Back to the security guard and gentrification. “Extreme” or outlier knowledge has become main-street, and “boring” or local knowledge has become, um, not here, next street please.

This is problematic for society. It creates alternate realties. Wait is that problematic?

P.S. Sorry I am a bit late on this post. Was focused with the family.

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