Serendipitous Life

The Dream Night Light in Untamed Roads

Music: Spotify liked songs → Live band IRL. 

Went for a walk into the night. What do I find? 

Went in search for more flow. What did I find?

Maria and Carlos. That is not their real name. But I found them. Headphones on, walking. What is this? “Bayshore Club” it read. 

"Wait, it has nice lighting. Seems like people go there. I thought. Why are those people dressed so nice?"

"Wait, what is around here?"

It’s the City Hall of Miami. I’ve lived in Miami for 30 plus years. "I’ve been back here. I’ve run back here. Mmh, never been." thought to myself.

Remember that night I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep, so I laced up my running shoes and went for a ~13-mile run? I had some good running ability then. Another day.

Cheez-it, service is either getting worse or it’s always sucked and I am now noticing. 

Back to the night. I found Maria and Carlos playing. Carlos on the keys… give me a second. Waitress just came. 

Me: Could I have some more water please?

Waitress: “Papo, you can have whatever you want, I got chu”

I’ll keep the tones & how it sounded to myself for now. 

I don’t know if I need to accept the idea this is what Miami is and always will be, or what Miami has become post-Covid. The service industry is what keeps me in doubt of it becoming a tech hub, it's the service industry that keeps me in hope it will become a tech hub. Simply put, gentrification follows tech, look across the way. Not to say anything of its ability to not follow tech. 

So back to why I’m even writing this. Maria and Carlos, the stars of the night. I was walking with my headphones on, looking to finish writing my Manifesto underneath the moonlight. By myself.

Give me a second, I want to ask the waitress for some more of the ‘white cream’ that comes on my carrot cake. 

Her: “How is it?”

Me: “It’s delicious”

Her: “I know. It comes out warm!”

Me: “Could I have some more of that white cream that comes with the carrot cake”

Her: winks at me, “I got chu”

Back to Maria and Carlos, I think they are Cuban. Love Maria’s voice, she has great flow. Carlos seems rigid but you can tell inside he’s beaming to come out.  

From six to nine, Wednesdays, at Bayshore Club. 

They are wrapping up. Seeee paaaagaaa!

Back to the story. I was walking into the night to finish writing A manifesto according to Les Greys, Internet, January 2023, dancing through the streets and sidewalks. (link to work at a later date)

(20mins pass)

I’m back. Maria and I spoke. Understanding the story behind the artist is always fun.  @mgelaherrera I’ll keep that part for another day. 

I now continued into the night, looking to get lost, under the moonlight. To encounter the inner creative, just like Maria & Carlos. I finally learned their name. 

To finish the story. 

I was walking, dancing, through this nicely lit area, head down, I saw people sitting around, I looked up. I see live music. I remove my headphones. “I belong here. Here is where I should sit to recharge my batteries” I told myself. To gain new energy so I can continue innovating. Co-creating. 

They did not disappoint. I now sit under the moonlight, in front of a dark horizon of water. Lights flickering across the way. Sailboats everywhere. Fully charged. 

Thank you Maria & Carlos for making this one person's night the night he didn’t expect nor the night he could have dreamed of.

“I found you. I found you beautiful. I found you exploding. I found you.” 

“Beautiful. Exploding.” Yes, we’re back with Fred again..

Yours truly. 

Les & @tottilamadrid

P.S. In case you have time. Check this out and tell me if you think we got something here. Write me. 


There is another side of this story I’d like to really talk to you about. How it connects back to Grey, innovation, and artistry. 

The easy one. Musicians, artists, should have easier IRL forms of receiving a tip for their amazingness. They bring the feel good vibes, creation, creativity, co-creation of the moment. My connection to their creativity changes the way they create and so it goes. The physical economy has neglected this for too long. Money flows easier to those that have integrated themselves best to a digital financial system that benefits too few. 

That’s really what’s happening here. The rails no longer benefit the workers. They have outsized benefits to the controllers of the rails. Hence, crypto rails. Wink. Wink.

Web3, blockchains, crypto, allows us to restart that engine of, focusing on those people. There is no question about it, web3, blockchains, and crypto will fall victim to the same issues we now see in the old financial system but that should not deter us from going into this new night. Starting today. And of course. I’m starting in fashion and creatives. 

These artists that inspire few, should inspire many, we need to give them better distribution and a larger piece of the pie so I say we start the “Internet Revolution”.

We will take the good of capitalism, free-markets, and democratic freedoms and stand up the next evolution of For The People, By The People, In Pursuit of Happiness, Into The Dark, Together, With New “Money”.

Join me or burn me, don’t be in the middle. 

If you don’t see anything, call me, the packet may get corrupted via the Internet.

Send a wire!


A cool project I saw as I went to post this story. You can mint on Zora by clicking the link.

Link to Farcaster here brought to you by by @pfista.

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