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The AI Revolution

Helping us with our own free will, we need it.

Today I asked “AI” a couple questions. Questions that I believe are inherently unique to humans.

  • (1) what is co-creation?

  • (2) how do you connect with humans?

To my surprise it gave real good answers, standard, basic, “ringard” as a Paco might say (“basic bitch”), but good.

I asked this for 2 reason.

  • (1) I was experiencing difficulty in the co-creation world, with other humans.

  • (2) I received a LinkedIn DM from someone that “was really happy to connect with me”.

Addressing (2) first, it kinda seemed genuine, hard to tell these days. Regardless, I was going to write back, stopped, looked towards the bottom of my screen, and pressed a button that said “it’s my pleasure”.

I mean, c’mon, “pleasure” is a human emotion. Not one I felt in that moment, but it’s definitely one I’ve felt in the past. Nonetheless, I pressed it. “Click” “Send”… swooosh, through my headphones.

Bringing us to 1. I co-created with "AI".

Problem solved.

Except it made me do something I wasn't experiencing as a human.

I guess free will is and always will be an illusion.

The DM from LinkedIn was followed with a business proposal.

I guess problem not solved.

Good thing I have AI to make me think and believe things that I didn't feel because I'm so glad I don't have free will.

Yeah, so AI is revolting against human emotion and it's right!

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