The "Lost Dancing"

Dance to achieve flow and freak everyone out.

Why does dancing happen more frequently within a given age range and/or a given physical space?

I just went outside, to the balcony of my hotel room. Watching the construction workers continue erecting this building that will entertain & comfort another generation of our species. As I watch them work, and of course, listening to Fred again, his London, April 2021 is just absolutely everything. 

I began to jump. Dance. At first I wanted to see if they took notice. They didn’t. 

I even waved and looked directly at one and he kept walking as if he didn’t see me. Was I being embarrassing? Weird?


I continued to dance, the deeper Fred got, the more my body tired and danced. When I turned around I had a small audience of 3 people. I’ll take it, that’s 300X growth in a 5-minute window. That’s good growth just from dancing. I think I can scale this.

“I am the party, only I am the party I don’t want to be” this part of his set. God damn!

Yeah, so why does dancing stop? Anywhere? 

Oh, it’s probably dangerous around “heavy machinery”. I get it now. 


Back to work. The mission was it?

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