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World Builder: A Farcaster Jacket

Before there was purple there was darkness. Before there was technology there was Jacquard's loom. Before there was digital there was physical.

What is this about?

Big purple cast buttons. Kiwi's with skin. The merge. Sufficient decentralization. Credible neutrality. Techno-Watermelons. "OG"s. Network States. Stated and revealed preferences. Techno-optimism. Positive sum. Book recommendations. Art. Many worlds.

As a traveler from homes not like this one -- Farcaster. The community greeted all tourist with the purist of hearts.

World Builder is an annual representation of a world we can persist. Within each version, we will persist a design language where digital deeply influences physical -- as a first principle.

To start in what we wear, and move into what we live.

Mapping the ideas from early Farcaster community and propagating them into the many worlds around us.

The jacket is to resemble the pursuit of luxury within our lives, through our communities, our technology, and our ideas.

In pursuit of satisfaction, not only happiness.

This about many worlds and being a World Builder.

Be different.

Always ship.

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