Why Glitch Art?

I’ll be the first to admit it: Marketing isn’t my forte. I prefer to let my work speak for itself. But I’ve learned that even the most compelling stories need a nudge to find their audience. So, here's mine.

A little over a decade ago, a couple of car accidents left me with a persistent backache and an aching void. The heavy gear and frenetic pace of event photography were suddenly out of reach, and I found myself spiraling without a creative outlet.

Then, I stumbled upon glitch art. It was a revelation. The medium resonated with me in a way nothing else ever had. I felt broken, not just physically from the wrecks, but from years of growing up queer and trans in a world that told me I was inherently flawed.

But glitch art whispered, "Broken is beautiful. Broken is necessary."

That's when my mission crystallized. I wanted to show others the beauty I found in imperfection. For the past ten years, I've dedicated myself to this art form, helping to bring it from the fringes of Tumblr to the ‘hallowed’ halls of Sotheby's, Christie's, and AvantArte.

Now, I'm taking it a step further. With my #Letsglitchitcam circuit-bent cameras, I'm sparking a new sub-movement. My goal remains the same: to empower those who feel "off" – the queer, the neurodivergent, the punks, the outcasts – and let them know that their unique perspectives aren't just valid, they're essential.

My story isn't just about art, it's about resilience and finding beauty in the unexpected. It's about embracing the glitches in our own lives and transforming them into something extraordinary.

If you’d like to help me realize this vision, please consider subscribing to my Hypersub. Not only does it enter you into raffles for 1/1s and circuitbent cameras but there’s also exclusive subscriber airdrops. Thanks for reading my first post!

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