This essay is a thought experiment and in no way serves as financial advice.

Serendipitously Going Up

In a conversation last month we uncovered a mental model on differentiating speculation and imagination. The former being imagination + action.

And, while writing this essay, I see another layer to ‘Higher’.


Subjective Origins

Higher is not exclusive to my reality. It’s common vernacular in our space. “Higher” is a rallying call for pre-rich degens and ancient whales alike. For our gambles to exceed our expectations.

Higher did not start materializing in my mind as anything else until a solid 3+ months of reading my favorite quant in crypto. They always end their bullish messages with.. higher.

Mix in whirling price movements, increased workload, and some familial responsibilities; I was trying to course correct negative-emotion momentum as I realized ‘higher’ could be used as a mental model outside of price movement.


Six simplified it beautifully with “higher is a lifestyle.” And Jacob solidified the concept by conjuring up ↑ as the symbol. I made the channel immediately after that epiphany.

So at time of writing:

  • /higher has 9.8k members

  • $higher has been created and airdropped to then-current channel members by Martin

  • amazing art pieces are being shipped daily (examples 1, 2, 3, etc)

  • over 4000 mints have accumulated around higher memes

  • daos have passed proposals to acquire $higher

  • paybot allows for in feed payment using $higher on warpcast

  • a prophouse round rewarding 2M $higher to casters has occured

  • a party has been created to help bolster liquidity on the pair

This is all within two weeks.


Higher is emergent, decentralized, and crypto coordinated. It has a memetic icon, a token, a channel, and a philosophy.

When someone asked me for a tldr the answer was:

gm, here's the tldr:

higher is simply a motto or affirmation - it's a calling card for those of us who were working during the bear and feel we are getting better and better

the channel /higher is our town square - we meme together, rally together, and go higher together

the token $higher is simply a materialization of this ethos & it's trajectory is self referential (if the market so chooses)

only rules are don't really focus on price & enjoy going higher together

Currently we are trying to figure out a hat and hoody package for higher enthusiast using the slice frame. Beyond that, artists continue to refine the aesthetic range and memetic possibilities.

What comes after I’m not sure. This has been the most potent and ‘acceleratory’ meme I’ve played with since pursuing the science.


It feels unique. It’s on the right chain for something like it (Base). And it’s not owned by any one individual - a public domain brand, movement, meme, & currency.

All born in two weeks time.


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