Impressions & The Next Paradigm for Social Metrics?

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0xdesigner did two things that reorganized the queue of topics I’m curious about:

  1. His Hypersub being used like a consulting firm

  2. Offering his onchain impressions in return for brand sponsorship to ETH Denver

And so it begins.

Impression Hierarchy

In my recent podcast release we talked of Zora’s impetus to “give [the follower data] to the creatives.” Weighted engagement was the phrase used there. A demarcation on commercially applied, often recurring, onchain impressions.

Think now of Farcaster warps and $degen tipping. The fundamental action is well within traditional behaviors online; the weight of these impressions is what has compounded.

mints used memetically > technically in this graphic

On Valentine’s Day alone, if you were on purple app with a 🎩 in your name, you could like ‘tweets’ to the tune of ~$7000 USD at the time. Crypto’s hyperfinancialization of the internet has not ignored ‘social’.

Making me wonder:

  • what will be the onchain impressions equivalent/replacement?

  • how are we going to qualify the wallet to wallet behaviors for crypto consumerism?

  • what is the next evolution of 0xd’s experiment for future waves of creators?

  • what role does the multi-chain meme play in quantifying creator leverage?

High Effort Social

High effort social is a tongue-in-cheek twist on Farcaster founder Dan Romero’s “this is a low effort reply.”

The purple app is crypto twitter. From my perspective this is hardly negotiable:

  • each user has an ethereum wallet tied to the account

  • you can mint nfts in-feed or view other’s collections on their profile

  • frames interact with user wallets

  • commenting X amount of $DEGEN sends an erc20 to that person’s address

Without tangenting too far, channels are starting to experiment with dao-like coordination. Networking for things like Farcon and start ups themselves occur routinely there. All while the current user base tirelessly mulls over crypto consumption.

This context also ties into the fact that long standing crypto veterans have 5-20x the following on purple > twitter (even though they’ve been on twitter longer).

These pieces add to my curiosity on new paradigms in social metrics. The likelihood that someone engages with my work, mints an nft, or reads an essay on paragraph or mirror, is exponentially higher there than on crypto twitter it seems.

Crosschain Creators

Now, there are other factors like algorithms, competitive mindshare, brand stature, etc that are not negligible. This line of inquisition is best situated for creators that have amassed significant metrics (significant being open to interpretation).

Using myself for most efficient contextualizing, here are some relevant metrics:

  • mints on mainnent, base, zora, and optimism

  • ~80k units have been transferred from my wallet to another

  • zora following ~30k

  • mirror subs ~6k

  • based mint has ~35k unique wallets

  • farcaster following ~16k

  • twitter following ~3k

One of these metrics is not like the other. Simultaneously, it’s the metric-base that is traditionally used for negotiations between ‘brand’ and ‘independents’.

The amount of wallets and emails I have access to - directly related to crypto consumerism - dwarfs the amount of twitter impressions I get. Yet, I’m currently at a loss on how to package, articulate, and best leverage this data.

0xd securing brand sponsorship in return for a design everyday (his main medium of onchain impressions) signals that we are on the cusp of figuring out potentially.

It seems a discussion will inevitably need to happen between protocols, chains, and creators. Lest we allow outsiders come in and write the rules here too.

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