Mascot Memetics

Nothing written is financial or even general life advice. These essays are for entertainment purposes only --- Godspeed.

Based Management

An excerpt from our introduction essay:

Based Management is an experiment currently being led by Leighton Cusack and myself. Taking insights from Nouns and Purple, it’s a new type of onchain organization that leverages free NFT drops, memetic remixing, and the latest Nouns Builder tooling available on L2s.

Since launch we have:

  • amassed a treasury of $23,000

  • established an invite only model while still using nouns builder

  • found a way to use zora rewards for entrants to "create in" instead of "buy in"

  • created an onchain board that splits rewards to the creator and dao treasury (mintboard)

  • simplified the mint ui (2 clicks)

  • created an onchain suggestion box using comments founded by @fascinated

Management has also hosted partnerships with TITLES, PartyDAO, Uplink, UFO Club, The Yellow Collective, and dropped a song with world touring musician Reo Cragun.

Still, less than six months into the project, we are far from escape velocity. The Mintboard is being developed further, plans for the $23K in the treasury are being discussed, and the goal of emergent-fun + accelerating Base L2 adoption is still priority.

Enter Blue

Sparing reiteration of already published ideas, the mascot thesis by @0xLawLiette has been at top of mind since I read it. Beyond memecoins, most of crypto twitter operates on mascots when taking a step back.

Cat, wolf, frok… the silly upon first impression, dove tails with $80B mcap coins of dogs to reveal that mascots are more potent, enjoyable, and approachable for internet based markets.

Think of wojak and pepe the frog. Then expand to crypto:

  • mfer → stick figure

  • mog → cat with pit vipers

  • doge, shib, & bonk → shiba inu

  • wif → pink beanie

  • zora → zorb

  • nouns → glasses

In a world (online) unrestrained relative to the physical world, imagination plays a pivotal role in our communication. This reality extends to legitimate financial movements, infrastructure, and organization.

Blue is our attempt at integrating this principle into Based Management.


Globe as the head & a blue body. The intent is for Blue to be easy to remix and yet resonant to BM’s memetic footprint.

There will be many versions of Blue hopefully. However, the majority of Blue’s potential success is outside of our control.


Blue must be identifiable first. When seeing him, Based Management must be intuitively a part of it. Next he must be configurable with relative ease.

Few want to spend serious time crafting their memes. People want:

  • expressive

  • emotional versital

  • easy to overlay with

  • distinct


At BM we have three distinct identifiers:

  1. Globe

  2. The B explorer

  3. #1254ff shade of blue

Time will tell if we’ve found something resonant here.

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