The Obvious Series: DEXs

There are two parts to The Obvious Series:

  1. Simple explanations for newer entrants

  2. Abstract wtf are we doing here reflections

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

A marketplace for crypto currencies and financial opportunities.

The Simple

Decentralized exchanges, commonly referred to as DEXs, are the crypto equivalent of Wall Street. Instead of a couple blocks in New York gate-kept by credentialism, they are globally accessible, peer to peer marketplaces for trading, lending, and developing.

Open 24 hours a day, and seven days a week, you don’t need anyone’s permission to get rich or lose your money.

The Abstract

Markets open and close but the suits rarely rest. If you have the time, investigate how successful of a trader Nancy Pelosi’s household is.

Traditional markets are swayed by names you’ve never heard of. Legislation is passed to “protect” consumers, yet stifles their upward mobility. Tax loopholes are accepted norms. The most profitable investment opportunities are behind niche credentials.

The house always wins

DEXs create their own set of problems like any new innovation. Yet their solutions are also undeniable. Global access, universal hours, a plethora of financial options spanning the risk spectrum (within context); decentralized markets are the people’s market.

When examining the inclusion literature, there is an overarching theme that ‘access to opportunity’ is a priority. DEXs look to solve this in regard to financial freedom.

You want to gamble? Gamble. You want to invest? Invest. You want to market make? Market make. Not only is no one stopping you, everyone else interested in this type of marketplace is now connected.

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