Fund Raising

Trying to finance the Exoteric

Hi everyone.

I’m here, now to ask for your help. The Exoteric Project is set to launch May 1st. But…. Funding is nonexistent.

I know that this setting and characters will sell. I invite any artist or writer to submit a query. We’ll arrange a time to discuss and negotiate terms.

The budget is empty.

I’ve not had a single donation.

I have sold a single post on Orb

I don’t even have enough cash to live on. No groceries. No dog food.

I need your help! Donations will receive many benefits. I’m talking exclusive chat channels, roles, airdrops, newsletters, the works!

PayPal - jacklhasa

Venmo - jacklhasa

Cash App - jacklhasa

jacklhasa.nft for MATIC and any ETH

STX - 3Ar2RS7tbVTbH1y4NETTTN9vg4TKeEFqzS

Accepting most other crypto. Inquire for addresses.

Please consider donating. Anything at all is a help. I’ve wanted to do this project for several years now. Each time, I’ve been too broke to follow through. Help me make this real. I’m getting kinda desperate.

Please don’t let my dream die.

Thank you.



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