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Originally posted in a series of posts on on April 30th,2024

So, here’s the short of it. It’s kinda long though.

I’ve been working on the Exoteric Project for a really long time. And I love it. But, I am sometimes a little too confident when it comes to things that I create and think the world of.

Point: I am delaying the Exoteric Genesis drop. I really wanted to have it ready before summer, but that wasn’t realistic.

I have reevaluated the practical steps that are still needed to actually make my pet project something that the audience can really bite into.

So, here’s the new plan. Don’t worry. It’s still gonna be a blast and I am going to include all my people, or those who’d like to be Included, in my full process.

I wanted to do the Genesis event tomorrow. That was absolutely never going to happen. I was lying to myself.

So, tomorrow, I’ll be around for chat in a Spaces Audio way, and I am publishing the first chapter in the main fantasy series.


I plan to still be here (**Orb and Zurf on the Lens Protocol**) everyday, releasing new art, and building friendships. You see, I have never been in a crypto community that was actually functionally creative. Lens, and Orb, these were eye openers for me. Community without scams or just super shady peeps is not something I’d seen in the web3 space before. But here, there is a real sincerity and enthusiasm. And real people who are amazing in so many ways.

So, you can all travel with me, as I take the slower, less exciting steps needed, and I’ll be there for your stuff too. I have spent every bonsai I’ve ever earned here right back to another creator here. And I’ll continue to do so.

If you’re interested, you’ll be along for the ride. I’m going to set a timeline / roadmap. With some goals that will increase my stability, and thus the projects chances of being the big thing I know it can be.

Aside from what I’ve spent here, I’ve not spent any of my crypto. Not even for the necessities of living. I realized that I wanted to be someone worth investing in. I’m working on setting up a system to split the proceeds of my nft profits with a mental health charity. My books will be fully accessible in that regard. Complete transparency.

And that’s just one thing. I’m also going to set up a multisig hardware wallet which a percentage of any profits I take will go into and grow to support my future.

And in this way, the community that I’ve come to feel at home in, can see that I care enough to take care of me. In a no-fluff kind of way.

I’m going to be sharing art here the whole way. And on my, I’ll be sharing the story, as well as the things I’ve created in the process.

This is unlike anything I’ve ever attempted. And the fact that it is good for me and those who need it most, and my friends, is very motivating.

At 6pm EST today, the first part of the Exoteric story World’s Collide will autopost right here, and I’ll be in the Exoteric Console group, discussing these changes with anyone who’ll join me. Here’s the link:

  • JL

  • See you there!

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