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The Process

How My NFTs come to be

There are lots of artists out there who work very hard on their work. Then there are those who type a few words into an AI, and mint whatever comes out. My final works often look like they’re solid AI. But they are not. Here’s my process:

  1. Create a sketch, photograph, or 3d model

  2. I then take this original material and twerk it with an app like photoshop, until I get it exactly how I like

  3. Next, I input this image into an AI, and spend hours playing with the settings until I get an image I like

  4. Now, I go back to a photo editing program, and make small corrections and adjustments. I add text if necessary, frames, borders, that sort of thing

  5. The image is ready to mint

For every image I offer for mint, I spend hours, over several days getting it to something that I’m really happy with.

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