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Rule Over Self: Learning Takeway

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Link Daniel

Learning is an integral part for our growth. There are many ways to learn to grow as a person and increase the scope of our worldview. It is encouraging to know that today with the internet, the possibilities of learning have increased dramatically. Yet this part only offers a glimpse as many more ways of learning that were not discussed here at length.

We need to remember that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Cherish learning, for it opens up doors to new worlds. If we learn the method of learning, we will be able to regard it as an essential component of growth. Without it we cannot think and act adequately.

When we do not grow as much as we want to, it is often because of our failure to learn. Without constantly learning, our thoughts and actions only have limited impact. By reflecting on and applying our learning, we can build a feedback loop that sustains it even when things are not going well.

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