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Rule Over Self: Thinking Takeaway

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Link Daniel

Thinking, like breathing, is such an elementary part of our life that we rarely think about it. The plethora of questions that can be explored when it comes to thinking are endless. Now we can appreciate the power that thinking can have over our life and utilize the tactics we’ve learned to improve our thinking. Thinking amplifies our learning and actions. Ultimately we have to turn our thoughts into action.

The chapters on thinking that were offered here were meant to help you to structure your thinking, but they only offered a peek into how our minds work. The mind is a fascinating subject to study and there is so much about it that we still don’t understand. The goal was to stimulate your thinking in order to develop a more independent spirit and calm head.

If we isolate ourselves and only live in our world, at some point we won’t have anything to think about except our own thoughts. Our thinking is also interconnected with our actions, and the more we can connect the two, the more we can improve both our thinking and action.

Destroying the negative thought patterns that limit our lives is an endeavor that doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone has different thought patterns that affect them adversely. If we steadily increase our awareness of our negative thought patterns, we can take steps to reprogram our mind. When we have a better sense of how our mind works, we can solve the mental blockages that limit our potential.

We need to build systems to become aware of our thought patterns so we can reinforce positive ones and cut out the negative ones. For something as complex as the mind, obviously the few lessons that were offered here can only stimulate your thinking at best. The work is with you to make it a habit to watch and empower your thoughts constantly.

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