A Year of Milestones for Loop Crypto


At a startup, sometimes it’s hard to stop and reflect on just everything you’ve accomplished. You’re constantly solving the next issue, on-boarding the next customer, pushing this giant boulder forward. You forget to stop, reflect, and look back on what you’ve done. The close of the year is a good forcing function to do just that. And I’m in awe of just how much Loop has accomplished this past year. 

In 2023, we: 

  • Launched V2 of the product - where we built insanely flexible payment rails allowing us to cater to any payments use case. This enabled us to fit seamlessly into companies’ operational stacks and achieve our goal of removing the complexity from crypto payments. 

  • Onboarded customers, growing the number of new customers more and more every month. In fact, November was our best month yet in terms of customers onboarded and payment volume processed. 

  • Saved companies over 700 hours from not having to follow up with customers, search for transaction hashes, reconcile payments, etc. With Loop, things just work. 

  • Saved companies tens of thousands of dollars from credit card fees (2.9% !!!), foreign transaction fees (an additional 0.5%), and multi-sig gas fees. 

We’ve helped companies spanning indexers (Satuma) and web3 social logins (Privy) to the creator economy (Quests, Paragraph) and DAOs remove the headache of crypto payments. I’m excited about where crypto payments are headed. These companies chose to use crypto to land new customers and reduce their costs. They choose loop because we made this process insanely simple. 

In order to use Loop, these companies had to talk to us, but this allowed us to hear what customers wanted. Now that the product has the right set of core features, we are going to make it easier to on-board with Loop in 2024. 

Right now, you can schedule a call and get onboarded in 15 minutes. In 2024, we’ll have a self-serve option, so you can on-board yourself if jumping on a call isn’t your thing. 

While we may be making it easier to on-board to Loop, we are fiercely customer focused and want to hear about what features you need to make crypto payments as easy as possible. You can DM me on Twitter or telegram (@elenithinks on both) or email me (eleni@loopcrypto.xyz). 

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our amazing team at Loop, our fantastic customers, and our broader community of friends, investors, and champions. It’s been a tremendous year of learning and growth. 2024 is going to be an exciting year for Loop, stay tuned! 

Best wishes for the holidays and happy new year!


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