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You spoke, we listened 😀. A consistent piece of feedback we received from companies using Loop is that they wanted an easy way to generate a crypto payment link with custom parameters. For example, you might want to pass a unique reference ID into the checkout to track which of your customers was making a payment. In the past, this required manually adding data parameters to the Loop checkout link or writing a bit of code to do this programmatically.

With our latest production release last week, we’ve made this process significantly easier. From the home page of your Company Dashboard, you can now simply click the “Create a checkout link” button, and our UI will walk you through customizing a link with a range of parameters. In just a few clicks, you’re done. Here are some of the parameters you can configure:

  • Select one or multiple items to be shown in the cart

  • Pass in the Stripe/Chargebee subscriptionID, converting a fiat subscription to a crypto one 

  • Show or hide the cart

  • Pre-populate customer email address

  • Pass a unique reference ID to track customers in your system

  • Confirm the receiving wallet address 

  • Easily edit the tokens / networks you accept payment on

Our goal at Loop is to make crypto payments simple. This UI improvement does just that, and we’re excited to have companies start using the new link builder in the coming weeks. If you want to try it out and need access to a Loop account, let’s talk. We’ll have you setup in minutes and ready to generate your first crypto payment link.



P.S. In case you missed it, we’ve published a number of recent case studies on our blog. Check them out!


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