Is checkout friction losing you money?


A great product buying experience can be ruined by a friction-filled checkout process when it comes time to pay. According to a Shopify survey, 26% of those who abandoned their cart did so due to the checkout experience. 

We’ve heard from businesses that churn is 2X for those that ask their customers to come back to their website every month to pay in crypto (👀 Coinbase Commerce). With Loop’s crypto autopay, you can eliminate this friction.

Using Loop’s checkout links or widget, customers can authorize their wallets to be debited each pay period with just one on-chain transaction. The customer gains the control of web3 payments with the simple UX of a web2 checkout experience.

Successful companies use Loop because the protocol enables you to:

→ Reduce customer churn from missed payments 

→ Minimize time spent collecting and reconciling payments

→ Offer a reliable and trusted payment experience for your customers

No code needed to get started with Loop. If you’re ready to remove friction from your checkout, let’s set up a call.



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