Crypto payments for creators! Loop now powers payments on Paragraph!


We’re extremely excited to announce that Paragraph, the popular web3 content creation platform, has implemented Loop Crypto. Paragraph puts control back in the hands of creators combining the best features of web2 and web3 for writing and distributing newsletters. At Loop, we’re particularly excited about what web3 means for the creator economy. There is now an opportunity for creators to truly own their content and monetize it using crypto rails.

Paragraph’s implementation of Loop means that every writer on their platform now has a Loop account. They can use this account to set their own pricing and subscription tiers while accepting payment across multiple networks and tokens. These writers also have access to the Loop dashboard where they can monitor their earnings.

As you can tell, we’re big fans of Paragraph. We’ve been writing this newsletter on Paragraph for almost a year now. We love how simple Paragraph makes it for anyone to start writing and grow a community. We’re excited to support the thousands of writers on their platform!

To learn more about how Loop works on Paragraph, check out their documentation. If you’re ready to start writing, create an account on Paragraph and simply add a Loop checkout option under settings.

If you’re a creator platform and are looking to implement crypto payments, let’s talk. We’ve built Loop with the capabilities to support a variety of fee models.



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