Get paid in crypto for bills paid in arrears 🤯


If you’re charging by usage, such as per API call or seat, you’re likely billing in arrears. Regardless of whether you require top-ups or charge at month's end, Loop has you covered. 

This is because Loop is simply a payment processor - we charge customers when you tell us to. This means you can have your customer manually top-up each time or you can enable auto-pay and charge a crypto payment method on file when a bill comes due - it’s your choice.

We built Loop to be insanely flexible, so it can meet all your payment needs. Learn more about how we support usage-based billing in our latest post

Get started today 

Our goal is to make the process of getting paid in crypto as simple as possible. We offer integrations via Stripe, Chargebee, QuickBooks, and Xero so that you can continue using your existing solution with crypto payments supported via Loop.

If you’re ready to start accepting crypto, let’s talk. Setup only takes a few minutes.



P.S. If you'll be at ETHDenver, we would love to catch up in person. We'll be co-hosting two events. Please register and stop by!

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