Kaito selects Loop to power crypto subscription payments


We’re excited to share that Kaito is now live with Loop Crypto accepting crypto payments for their subscriptions. If you’re not already familiar with Kaito, they are one of the leading web3 information platforms. They are now utilizing Loop’s integration with Stripe to offer their customers the ability to pay for subscriptions in fiat or crypto.

In short, Kaito makes any type of web3 information searchable. All types of data points live across Twitter, Discord, governance forums, Mirror blogs, podcasts, and conference transcripts. Using LLMs, Kaito has built a solution for indexing all of this data and making it easily searchable in one powerful tool called MetaSearch. They work with over 250 crypto teams including leading web3 organizations like the Ethereum Foundation, Optimism, Eigenlayer, Berachain, Grayscale, Messari, Pantera, and others.

To check out Kaito and see Loop in action, head over to their website and select the pay with crypto option. You can also read more in our announcement post.

If you need a solution to simplify the collection of crypto payments that works alongside your existing fiat payments, let’s talk. Loop makes it easy to implement crypto subscription payments.

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P.S. I will be in Brussels at ETHCC. If you'll be in town and watch to catch up, feel free to grab a time on my calendar.

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