Leverage Loop to supercharge your dApp with payment scheduling


Did you know you can leverage Loop’s automation to unlock payment scheduling for your users? Loop’s SDK and API endpoints make it simple to use Loop to power your application under the hood. 

From treasury management platforms automating employee payouts to credit card companies enabling autopay in crypto, Loop’s flexible payment rails can power any payment automation. Some use cases include:

  • Payment or invoicing systems: Non-custodial wallets are built for immediate payment but users often want to schedule payments for the future. dApps can leverage Loop to unlock this essential payment feature.

  • Payroll applications: Remembering and coordinating a multisig each month is tiring and cumbersome. Web3 payroll tools can plug into Loop and allow their end users to sign a multisig once, and then schedule payroll each period, saving users time and the coordination headache. 

  • Lending platforms: Lending platforms, including credit cards and buy now, pay later (BNPL) can leverage our APIs to enable automatic loan repayment, decreasing the chances of default. 

Loop is enabling automation so you can spend more time focusing on your product. Check out our blog post on Supercharging your payroll app. If you’re ready to get started with Loop, let’s set up a call.

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