Loop saves ENS DAO 5 hours per month with payment scheduling


If you’re a DAO or company, paying contributors each month is a dreaded experience. First of all, you have to remember to do it. Second, you have to go through the operational headache of figuring out which wallets to pay, creating the transactions, and then chasing the multisig signers. And finally, you then need to store the transaction hashes somewhere as confirmation.

With Loop, this entire process is simplified with our payment scheduling functionality. ENS DAO was one of the early adopters of Loop for this specific reason. By scheduling payments in advance, ENS now saves 5 hours a month as each of their 10+ payments execute automatically every month. This automation eliminates the potential for manual errors, and if ENS ever needs to make a change, they can simply edit a previously scheduled transaction.

ENS DAO has been a fantastic client and design partner. We recently implemented a new feature to render ENS names within the Loop company dashboard using the viem library (FYI - you can donate to the team behind viem using Loop 😊). Payment scheduling is now even easier because you can simply input an ENS name like jeffcang.eth, and Loop will automatically render the 0x address. There’s no longer a need to remember or store long wallet address strings. Loop, integrated with ENS, takes care of that for you.

To learn more about this new feature with ENS, check out our latest blog. If you’re looking to save hours on your monthly crypto payments and eliminate the risk of manual errors, let’s talk. Setup only takes a few minutes.



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