Loop's integration with Chargebee makes it easy to accept fiat and crypto payments for subscriptions

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Are you already collecting subscription payments in fiat but now want to add crypto? Our Chargebee integration is for you. Chargebee is one of the most popular subscription management tools globally, allowing businesses to create, manage, and analyze their subscribers and recurring revenue.

Chargebee is not a payment processor. The platform simply provides the subscription logic and tooling for SaaS businesses. With our integration, you can add Loop to unlock crypto subscription payments for your customers alongside whatever fiat payment gateway you’re already using, like Stripe or Braintree. Loop automatically syncs your subscription plans from Chargebee, generates checkout links, and then transmits payment data back to Chargebee once your customer pays. It’s all automated. No need for manual intervention.

Whether your subscription is based on flat-rate tiers or usage-based, Loop has the flexibility to support your subscription model. You can learn more about our Chargebee integration on our blog, and don’t forget we also have an integration with Stripe for subscription management and invoicing.

If you’re looking for a solution that makes it easy to manage both fiat and crypto payments for subscriptions, let’s talk.

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