Never miss a payment again!


In the world of web2 payments, you are constantly guessing whether a customer’s payment will go through. Will their card be declined? Do they have enough balance in their bank account? 

In web3, there’s no more guessing. On-chain visibility allows us to check wallet balances and allowances in real time to ensure a customer’s payment will succeed.

With Loop’s Company Dashboard, we’ve now made it even easier to monitor a customer’s wallet balance and allowance prior to payment. Simply click “Get Data” for any of your upcoming payments and the dashboard will instantly query the real-time balance and allowance of the wallet.

Of course, Loop is regularly checking wallet balances and allowances to monitor the status of upcoming payments. When we spot an issue with an upcoming payment, an automated notification is triggered to prompt the customer to address the issue before the payment due date. Our automations handle all the proactive follow-up so that you can focus on your business, not payment collection.

If you’re ready to stop missing payments and bring automation to your crypto payment process, let’s talk. We’ll have you set up in minutes.

Have a great weekend!



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