New accounting integration brings automation to entire crypto payments process


At Loop, we simplify crypto payments by fitting seamlessly into your existing financial stack. To close your books each month and do year end taxes requires having context for what on-chain transactions are for. If you had customers send money directly to your wallet, then you’re probably spending hours going back and figuring out this context. 

With Loop, that context is automatically provided, marrying off-chain payment details with on-chain transactions. We provide the context and data around each transaction. This already eliminates a ton of manual effort when managing accounts receivables; however, there is still the step of classifying each transaction in your accounting books. Fortunately, we’re now bringing automation to that last step by integrating with Entendre Finance.

Said simply, Loop makes it easy to get paid in crypto, and Entendre makes it easy to account for crypto on your books.

For those unfamiliar, Entendre is an AI accounting platform that makes it easy to track and classify all of your on-chain transactions. It’s been a pleasure engaging with the Entendre team, and we’re excited to bring this integration to market with them.

If you’re already a customer of both Entendre and Loop, the integration takes 3 minutes to set up. For those interested in onboarding to Entendre and/or Loop, let’s talk. We’ll have you up and running in minutes on a quick onboarding call. 

You can learn more about the integration in our latest blog post. Happy Halloween!!



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