Neynar uses Loop to power crypto payments for Farcaster builders

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The exponential growth of Farcaster with the launch of Frames has defined the start of 2024 in web3. Neynar has been at the heart of this growth providing the development tools and infrastructure teams need to build and deploy Frames.

We’re excited to be working with Neynar to enable crypto payments for their customers. With a global customer base composed of web3 developers, Neynar knew that offering the ability to pay for its subscription in crypto would be essential to capture new customer growth. At the start of 2024, they implemented Loop within their checkout flow utilizing Loop’s integration with Stripe so that they could easily manage both crypto and fiat payments.

When the Frames release dropped on January 26th, they were ready 🚀. The proportion of users paying in crypto quickly grew by 2X, and they’ve continued to see more users opt for crypto at checkout. You can read more about how Neynar implemented Loop here.

In case you missed it

Loop also launched support for Frames on Farcaster last month. You can now embed a payment link within Frame to make it easier than ever for your customer to pay in crypto. Check out this example on Warpcast and read our blog post here

Try Loop in the wild

You can also use Loop ‘in the wild’ by heading to Glass. They are another great company building around Farcaster Frames.

Let’s make sure you're set up with crypto payments before your product takes off like Neynar. If you’re ready to get started with Loop, let’s talk.



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