Price and get paid in any ERC-20


We’re excited to share that you can now price your products in any ERC-20 token. While you’ve always been able to get paid in any ERC-20 token with Loop, previously every product on Loop had to be priced in US dollars. With this latest release, we now offer the flexibility to denominate your products in any token.

If you’re a lover of ETH, you can price your subscription or one-time payment in ETH and get paid in ETH. Or denominate your product in UNI token. Whatever your heart desires 😄. We support pricing in any ERC-20.

We designed this feature based on feedback from our enterprise clients who often have contracts that include payments in both stablecoins and native tokens. With this new functionality, you can now use Loop to generate payment links with pricing denominated in any token you need. This unlocks support for even the most complex payment agreements.

If you have questions or are ready to start accepting crypto, let’s talk. Loop makes it easy to implement crypto payments in minutes.

Have a great weekend!



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