Redesigned checkout increases speed and customer conversion


We’re excited to unveil the updated version of our checkout page and widget. It’s simple, streamlined design gets your customer through paying faster while continuing to foster trust and reliability. Loop’s updated checkout is now live with leading web3 companies like Privy, Satsuma, Entendre Finance, and others.

Here’s a few of the updates:

Reduced the number of on-chain transactions required to one (zero if you’ve already provided authorization).

Simplified the checkout steps and redesigned the process of setting a token allowance.

Redesigned the cart with flexibility to support free trials, discounts, multiple items, one-time payments, usage-based payment models, and more.

Made it simpler to use a checkout widget rather than a redirect URL.

You can read more about the full redesign process in our latest blog. If you have questions or are ready to add Loop to your checkout experience, let’s talk. Setup takes just a few minutes.



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