Save hours by scheduling outbound payments

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Coordinating multisig owners can be extremely painful and time-consuming, especially if you have to do it every month. Stop spending hours tracking down each of the multisig owners to execute an approved transaction moments before it's due when you already have payment approval. 

With Loop, you can authorize a wallet and schedule payments weeks or months in advance.

How it works: 

  • Collect spend authorization from multisig wallet owners

  • Schedule the payment to recipients in any ERC-20 token 

  • Sit back and let the automation process your payments on the scheduled date

On the Loop Company Dashboard, you have all the payment data you need, including the transaction hash, tagging, and notes, to track your payments over time. To learn more about how Loop is used for payment scheduling, take a look at our latest case study with Copra Finance.

If you’re facing the challenge of creating, signing, and tracking transactions month after month, let’s talk. Efficient companies choose Loop to save time and simplify their payment processes. We’ll have you onboarded in minutes.

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