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Are you charging per API call? Do you have a pay as you go revenue model? A recent report from Chargebee revealed that 63% of SaaS businesses have implemented some type of usage-based billing.

Loop supports any type of usage billing that companies utilize to charge their customers. And, this support works with free trials and coupon codes that Loop already enables, making it easier to facilitate that initial customer sign up.

➡️ Quick tip: If you’re still thinking about what revenue model to pursue, a16z has a great post on startup pricing strategies. For those still experimenting with pricing, Loop’s one-time payment capability is ideal. You simply send a payment link and get paid immediately allowing you to test various models.

Getting started: If you’ve already set up your pricing model in Stripe for fiat, Loop integrates directly with Stripe and allows you to immediately start accepting crypto.

Not using Stripe? You can use Loop’s APIs to incorporate crypto payments directly into your application. Check out our documentation.

Let’s set up a call if you’re ready to get started.



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