Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 7 Final Era (4 Mar 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

Finally, we are nearing the end of the Final Era. May be this will be the final Final Era? I really do not see the point of having a Final Era but it is what it is. Let us hope the top players enjoy fighting for the top spots on the leaderboard while the rest of the player base continues to play the same meta just to keep up with the leaderboard and decay.

Let me guess what archetype will win the Final Era. Healing Pulse. Yes, we all know that from 2 weeks ago. Let us put this season behind and look forward to the next season. I hope that there will be new balance changes soon after the end of this season because I think most Origins players are quite done with the season.


  • Meta is the same as the past 2 weeks - Healing Pulse.

  • Meta can be quite diverse outside Top 800

  • More new players try out Origins in the past week!?

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger       6270      1-6270
    Dragon       8570  6271-14840
     Tiger       8588 14841-23428
      Bear       4225 23429-27653
      Wolf       4340 27654-31993
      Boar       6732 31994-38725
      Hare       9688 38726-48413
     Chick      16335 48414-64748
       Egg      19031 64749-83779
Number of Players in each Victory Star Brackets

It is interesting to see close to 10000 players joined the game in the past week with around 8000 of them being in 0-200 Victory Stars. Could it be a sign that more people are taking notice of Axie again? I think next season will be an important one in terms of attracting new players as we seem to be heading into a bull market in the crypto world. Let's see if Axie Origins can replicate the success of Axie Classic had back in 2021.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

Archetype Usage for Matches Played in each Victory Star Bracket

Healing Pulse is all you see at the top. Then there are Brutal Claw and Sandal followed by Perch. Lower down we start to see Sponge, Feather, Jinx, Fury Aggro, Poison, and Anemone. The meta can be quite diverse outside of the Top 200. Outside of the Top 800, we actually see quite a diverse meta where Healing Pulse is not the main archetype. One way to see it is that there are only a few hundred players who are really serious about getting to the top, and the rest of the player base are enjoying the game at lower levels.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

Overall Win Rates of Popular Archetypes

At this point, the meta is pretty stable. Healing Pulse leads the way. Different archetypes hit their limits at different levels, e.g. Sandal and Brutal Claw at 2500-2600; Feather, Perch, Anemone, Poison at 2400-2500; Sponge and Jinx at 2300-2400.

One interesting observation is the existance of local meta where 2300-2400 VStar seems to be particularly suited for Anemone, but things get harder for Anemone further up.

Archetype Matchups

Overall Archetype Matchups

Brutal Claw and Poison are the only 2 archetypes with an overall positive win rate against Healing Pulse at 2000+ VStar. This is not to say that the best Brutal Claw and Poison teams can do well against the best Healing Pulse team. This is about the average Healing Pulse team against the average Brutal Claw or Poison team at 2000+ VStar.


Let us see how long the off-season will be this time. Will there be significant updates that will make it fun for players to come back and play Origins? While I like the 3 Era system, I feel like it makes the pace of release of new content way a bit too slow to be engaging for many players. I understand if the changes happen too quickly, breeding may not keep up, but perhaps that is part of the fun if the breeding system can improve together with more Axie burn and more frequent balance changes. If things stay as it is for next season, it will be another repeat of short term excitement during pre-season theorycrafting followed by the whole 2 months of "seeing how the meta plays out". Anyway, hope we will see some new balance changes soon after the end of this season.

Thank you so much for your support! If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please feel free comment or reach out to me on X (Twitter) or Discord @mauriceccy.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 3-5
2700+                                 8
2600-2700                          1103
2500-2600                          2595
2400-2500                          6307
2300-2400                         10059
2200-2300                         14769
2100-2200                         23288
2000-2100                         39891

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