Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 8 Early Mystic Era (6 May 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

We are finally in the Mystic Era and so far it seems like a fun one with various archetypes battling it out at the top, very much unlike the Mystic Era last season.

Fury Aggro, Feather, and Poison are still very popular at the top, but we do see some other similar Mystic archetypes such as Healing Pulse and Brutal Claw. In this Mystic Era, we also have some new archetypes that were not in previous Mystic Eras before, such as Eggshell Mavis with Flock Might and Cuckoo with Koi and Bombshell Maker.

One thing for sure is that it is nice to see the introduction of many new Mystic Runes, which are being played at the very top. Various interactions and synergies such as Flock Might with Healing Pulse certainly makes the game more fun with more combinations and possibilities.


  • A diverse and fun meta in the Mystic Era so far

  • Healing Pulse, Poison, Feather, Fury Aggro, Cuckoo, Brutal Claw, Eggshell Mavis, Perch all fighting for the top

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger       5017      1-5017
    Dragon       7810  5018-12827
     Tiger      10610 12828-23437
      Bear       5175 23438-28612
      Wolf       4042 28613-32654
      Boar       7359 32655-40013
      Hare      10079 40014-50092
     Chick      14632 50093-64724
       Egg      14814 64725-79538

The growth of Axie Origins player base this Season has certainly slowed down now that we are some weeks since the introduction of the Daily Missions. There are 2000 more players managing to reach Tiger or above, with over 5000 players in Challenger. The statistics for Tiger and above in comparable to that of a similar time last Season, despite having 10000 more players than last year. This suggests that the Daily Mission largely increases the number of players at the lower ranks (mostly in Egg), but without much impact on the player base at Tiger and above.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

At the time of data collection, only 5 players were at 2400+ Victory Star and most of the matches at 2400+ were played with Poison or Healing Pulse. There are also some Feather, Fury Aggro, and Eggshell Mavis played up there.

Brutal Claw is definitely one to look out for as well with a significant usage at high Challenger. Another 2 achetypes that can make it to 2300-2400 VStar are Perch and Cuckoo. Cuckoo with Koi and Bombshell Maker is a fun new OTK for those who want to try something new in this Mystic Era.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

Healing Pulse is joining Fury Aggro, Poison, and Feather at the top with Eggshell Mavis, Brutal Claw, Perch, and Cuckoo fighting to get to the very top. Some achetypes are falling such as Jinx, Anemone, Sandal etc.

Archetype Matchups

Finally there is something viable that is keeping Feather in check in the form of Brutal Claw. Feather teams take a lot of Bleed damage when playing their Feather Daggers.

Despite the nerf of Healing Pulse, it is still very strong, especially with the free Summons from Flock Might and the early game defensive ability of Fading Eclipse. The only thing keeping Healing Pulse in check is Perch, which now has a better matchup against Heaing Pulse because of the nerf with damage toward the highest HP opponent instead of lowest.

Eggshell Mavis is not in a bad spot but Brutal Claw is really brutal against the poor Mavis. However, Brutal Claw finds it tough against Poison and Perch, which are faster than Brutal Claw.

Finally I should talk about Cuckoo. It has a positive win rate against most teams except Healing Pulse and Perch. Perch can be too fast for Cuckoo to stack up, which the Reverse Heal from Healing Pulse can be very annoying to play against when it can ignore Taunt to kill the carry.


This Mystic Era is looking like a pretty fun one with so many new possibilities given the new Mystic Runes. I will not be surprised to see some more new archetypes pop up as the Mystic Era progress.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 3-5
2400+                               368
2300-2400                          2817
2200-2300                         10100
2100-2200                         25083
2000-2100                         45983
1900-2000                         81747

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