Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 8 Late Mystic Era (13 May 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

Well done to the balancing team with the Mystic Era this Season, especially with the introucing of so many new Runes. I was half expecting that some of the new Runes may break the game (which some of them kind of did during the pre-season), but this Mystic Era turns out well with a very diverse meta, having 8 archetypes at the very top. Hopefully this will translate into a more fun player experience and ultimately increase in player base.


  • Diverse meta with 8 archetypes at the very top

  • Feather, Healing Pulse, Poison, Brutal Claw most common at the top

  • Fury Aggro, Eggshell Mavis, Perch, and Jinx also viable

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger       6015      1-6015
    Dragon       8159  6016-14174
     Tiger       9849 14175-24023
      Bear       5568 24024-29591
      Wolf       4775 29592-34366
      Boar       9916 34367-44282
      Hare      10174 44283-54456
     Chick      15659 54457-70115
       Egg      16654 70116-86769

Another 7000 players joined Axie Origins this Season. The number of players reaching Challenger is now at 6000+, meaning around 1000 players managed to reach Challenger in the past week. The lower ranks also see an increase in player numbers as more players slowly move up from Egg.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

I must say, the meta is looking pretty diverse in this Mystic Era. The balancing team is certainly doing a better this Season compared to the last one. Of course there are always some archetypes that are stronger, but we see 8 different archetypes being played at the top 20 which is not very common.

Feather and Healing Pulse are the most common at the very top with Poison, Brutal Claw, and Fury Aggro right behind in terms of popularity at the top. Perch and Eggshell Mavis are also around, as well as Jinx, which managed to squeeze its way up as well.

Around the top 100, we also see Cuckoo as well as Triple Owl as well. And further down we see Anemone and Sandal. It is nice to see such a colourful meta with some many archetypes viable to get to Challenger.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

Eggshell Mavis and Healing Pulse seem to be the best performing archetypes at the top with Feather and Fury Aggro following. Perch may not be the best pick at the very top, but still good at around top 100.

Anemone, Spikes, Sponge, and Triple Owl seem to struggle to climb further as the top 8 are too strong in power level compared to the rest.

Archetype Matchups

A pretty even matchup heatmap without too many rows with all green, with the exception of Healing Pulse. Yes, Healing Pulse yet again. Other than Perch (and to some extent Fury Aggro), Healing Pulse seems to have a good or at least even matchup against other archetypes.

In terms of polarising mathcups, Spikes is the one that is very matchup dependent. Spikes is very good at Feather and Brutal Claw as they proc the Spikes but against archetypes that do not proc the Spikes (much), e.g. Fury Aggro, Poison, Healing Pulse, Perch, and Sponge, there is not much Spikes teams can do.


Well done to the balancing team for this Mystic Era. Yes, Healing Pulse is still a bit of a problem but at least it is much better than last Season. With so many new Mystic Runes available it is nice to see that none of them really breaks the game. Let's enjoy this diverse meta for another week and see what we will get in the next Season.

Thank you so much for your support! If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please feel free comment or reach out to me on X (Twitter) or Discord @mauriceccy.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 10-12
2400+                                 718
2300-2400                            6639
2200-2300                           19863
2100-2200                           36168
2000-2100                           56863
1900-2000                           95045

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