Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 9 Early Epic Era (1 Jul 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

Turnip is still the number 1 archetype at the top of the ladder. Fury Aggro is still strong despite the nerf in Mask of Frenzy. Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter has the potential for this Epic Era. Jinx is doing pretty well too in this Epic Era. Poison and Feather are still around and the most popular.


  • Turnip still the number 1 archetype

  • Fury Aggro still strong despite nerf

  • Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter has a good chance this Epic Era

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger       1698      1-1698
    Dragon       5051   1699-6749
     Tiger      11050  6750-17799
      Bear       5815 17800-23614
      Wolf       4637 23615-28251
      Boar      12728 28252-40979
      Hare      17647 40980-58626
     Chick      13736 58627-72362
       Egg      12157 72363-84519

Close to another 10k players joined Axie Origins in the past week, which seems to be the normal increase. Total number of players getting close to 85k this Season. It may be possible to get to 100k at the end of the Season. Over 1600 players in Challenger, and interestingly more people are climbing up to Hare and Boar as Play-to-rice players get wins at the lower end of the ladder.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

Well maybe I was wrong about Turnip. It is still holding up pretty well at the top for optimised teams. Just when we thought Fury Aggro may be dead with the Mask of Frenzy nerf, it does not seem to be the case. Fury Aggro is still very popular AND also very succussful in the Epic Era. I guess it is still not nerfed enough.

One surprising archetype we find close to the top is Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter. And one thing to note is how powerful Snake Jar can be with its 90 AoE DMG (i.e. 270 DMG) for 1 Energy. We have seen it in Turnip but there are Sturdy Fighter teams running Snake Jar as well. Finally, we see Poison and Feather still the most popular and relatively successful, which is a good thing for players playing for AXP rather than at the very top.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

Turnip is still the number 1 archetype at the moment. Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter and Poison seem to be doing well to catch up. Feather, Jinx, and Fury Aggro are the other 3 that are around the very top. Other archetypes seem to be falling, with Triple Owl, Sustain, and Sandal hanging on.

Archetype Matchups

Fury Aggro, Sustain, Sponge, and Perch are all good options against Turnip. The biggest thing going for Turnip in general is its good matchups against Poison and Feather, the 2 most popular archetypes overall.

Feather, Sandal and Eggshell Mavis are giving Fury Aggro some trouble, especially for Feather as it is popular amogst all levels.

Pure DMG Strudy Fughter is one to look out for. Its matchups seem to be mostly pretty good. Can beat Turnip and only really struggle against Jinx.

Jinx is in a pretty good spot this Era. Poison is still a problem but otherwise it can beat most other archetypes. It is just unfortunate for Jinx players that Poison is so popular across the ladder.


Turnip turns out to still be very strong in the Epic Era. Turnip and Snake Jar provide so much value. I am glad to see that value teams can make it even when Aggro teams are gaining more tools with Runes and Charms. Combo teams like Sponge and Perch are still a problem for value teams like Turnip. I personally also like Pure DMG Sturdy Fighter with a more Midrange approach having its Shields as well as the new Steal Cunning synergy. Fury Aggro is still strong after the nerf. I hope next season we will see a bigger change in power level, enabling different archetypes to shine.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 3-5
2200+                                52
2100-2200                          1324
2000-2100                          8062
1900-2000                         27219
1800-1900                         76858
1700-1800                         84949
1600-1700                         76560

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