Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Season 9 Late Rare Era (24 Jun 2024)

Archetype Usage, Win Rates, and Matchups

Turnip ruining the party for the balance team this Rare Era, but it is not without its counter. Some top players are shifting to Sponge to counter the Turnip dominance at the top. Let's see how things will play out at the end of the Rare Era.


  • Turnip dominates the top but not without its counters

  • Number of players at Tiger or above is similar to last season

Player Base Statistics

      Rank  # Players    Rankings
Challenger        465       1-465
    Dragon       2973    466-3438
     Tiger      10171  3439-13609
      Bear       5717 13610-19326
      Wolf       5079 19327-24405
      Boar       7280 24406-31685
      Hare      19938 31686-51623
     Chick      14628 51624-66251
       Egg       9105 66252-75356

There are now has over 75000 players who played Axie Origins this seasno with over 400 players made it to Challenger. It is also interesting to see that the numbers at Tiger or above is similar to last season, which suggests the "additional" player count is mostly from Play to Rice playing a game or 2 a day without climbing much.

Archetype Usage

Overall archetype usage

Turnip seems to be the winner for this Rare Era where the Rare Runes and Charms are not as powerful compared to the value Turnip gives. Rare Era generally favours strong cards given the power level of Runes and Charms are weaker, and Turnip is one example. However it is likely that Turnip may fall off next Era as Aggro hits harder and faster but we will see.

Besides Turnip, we see Feather, Poison, Sponge, Glorious Mane, Sustain, Triple Owl, and Topaz in 1900-2000 VStar. In other words, other Turnip, things are not actually mostly okay.

Archetype Win Rates and Matchups

Overall Archetype Win Rates

As usual, some archetypes are better than others. The main one that stands out of course is Turnip at 79% win rate at the very top.

Archetype Matchups

The meta is continuing to evolve even within days. In this report, I collected data for Days 10-12 of the Rare Era. It seems like some of the top players are shifting to Sponge to counter Turnip. The end of the season is probably going to be a fun one for the top players to snipe each other with certain matchups. For the rest of us, just enjoy the diverse meta in whatever VStar brackets we are in.


Turnip ruined it for the balance team this Rare Era. Let's see how things will go in the Epic Era. My guess is that it is probably not going to Turnip but I may be wrong. Let's see.

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Additional Data

           # Matches Played in Days 10-12
2100+                                  79
2000-2100                             784
1900-2000                            2785
1800-1900                           15454
1700-1800                           28431
1600-1700                           42090
1500-1600                           65645

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