BUILD Announcement #1

How we're improving build after 10 days and 100K people.

In 10 days, +100K people nominated some their favourite onchain builders.

We’re humbled by all the support and positive feedback we received so far. But we’re also working hard to make nominations more effective at recognising active builders.

Here’s 5 things we’re currently doing:

  1. Update to the “Daily Budget” formula, in order to give an higher budget to active builders.

  2. To claim $BUILD tokens, you need an FID or ENS older than May 15th or a Proof of Humanity.

  3. Experiment: hiding everyone without a Farcaster Power Badge from leaderboards.

  4. We’re upgrading our infra and rolling out an API for BUILD. Cast to @macedo for early access

  5. Request for ideas: 6M $build bounty for the 3 best answers, until May 29th.

1. “Daily Budget” Formula Update

We updated the formula that calculates your Daily Budget in order to give an higher budget to more active builders. This update won’t affect past nominations, only future ones. The exact formula is kept private to avoid abuse. Your Daily Budget might increase, decrease or stay the same after this update.

2. Eligibility to claim $BUILD tokens

To prevent sybils abusing the system, all Farcaster or ENS accounts created after the BUILD launch, on May 15th, will NOT be eligible to claim tokens.

Players are free to create new Talent Passport accounts after this date (so that they can increase their Builder Score), but their Talent Passport needs to hold at least one of these 3 credentials:

  1. Farcaster Credential with FID registered before May 15th, or

  2. ENS Credential with a Primary Name registered or transferred before May 15th, or

  3. Proof of Humanity Credential (currently, Gitcoin Passport and World ID are available)

We’ll take a snapshot of all participants’ Talent Passport before the Airdrop 1 campaign ends.

You can’t participate in the Airdrop 1 campaign with different wallets. You can have multiple wallets connected to your Talent Passport and Farcaster account, but only one wallet will be eligible to claim $BUILD tokens (the exact claiming flow will be shared soon). This means that each FID will only be able to claim tokens once, with one wallet. The same for Talent Passport.

3. Filter Leaderboard with Power Badge

After some research, the Farcaster Power Badge appears to be a simple way to separate quality Farcaster users from spam. We will run a “Power Badge” experiment by temporarily hiding everyone who doesn’t have a Power Badge from the public leaderboards on For now, the Power Badge will not affect Daily Budget, Build Points or Rank.

For participants that only have a Talent Passport account, we will also show everyone with a Builder Score over 50 on the public leaderboards.

4. BUILD API & Infra Upgrade

We’re rolling out an API for BUILD. It’s only available for selected builders while we test it, but we will do a public roll out soon. If you want early access, tag @macedo and mention what you want to build.

This week we’re also upgrading infrastructure providers and doing some maintenance tasks, to adjust for the increase in demand we expect the API will bring. You might experience some downtime this Friday. It shouldn’t impact end users, but giving a heads up to be on the safe side.

5. Request for Ideas to Improve BUILD

How can we make the BUILD nominations game more effective at recognising active onchain builders? Top 3 answers get 2M $BUILD each.

Post your idea in the /build channel and tag @macedo to be eligible. Expires on May 29th.

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