Why I Am Ending Support For My Alfafrens Channel

It's just not for me

The 1 way chat is not conducive to building the type of community that I want. I do understand that it has it's place, but it doesn't fit into my style. I do think this style of messaging has it's benefits and it can work great for some creators who aren't able to respond to every single DM they get. That is not me.

The Alfa farming mechanics that the platform are built around seem to favor whales, and large influencers who can subscribe to 1000s of channels while staying DEGEN positive. People without a lot of money or followers are not able to keep up. You can argue that people don't need to "keep up", but I think the numbers speak for themselves.

This system seems unsustainable without a constant influx of new users & new degen. When things slow down, as we saw with the UX bugs, the degen you earn per alfa staked begins to drop precipitously. Or at least it did in my case.

I don't like separating my attention between 2 different platforms. For me personally, being able to keep all of my conversations in 1 place has real advantages, mainly with time management.

I realize that the platform is still very young and will hopefully have a bright future. As a DEGEN fanboy and supporter, I obviously want projects that use it to be successful. It just isn't working for me personally, and I think my subscribers will be better served with a different model. I wish the platform the best of luck and I hope it finds a path to the broader crypto market. We will call this goodbye, for now - but maybe not forever.

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