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I've been exploring blogs and content publishing options for decades, I've had thousands of subscribers on email lists, had elaborate on-boarding auto-email mechanisms on various platforms, and it's such a pain! It's expensive both in time and funds, and tbh it's stressful. Also, I'm not a fan of some popular platforms that charge users to read content. If I want to make content for free, I want it to be freely available.

Paragraph seems different, I'm excited. It's free, it's web3 aware, and I think it'll be easy for me to keep active with it. Also, I'm going to approach writing differently. In the past, I pressured myself to output content, and that pressure didn't help me create better content - if anything it encouraged me to produce lesser quality content more frequently. Some people think that's the way to go, to stay relevant, but it didn't work for me.

In Matto's Meadows, I have different 'communities' where I can post content, when I want to on my terms. Here are the communities I've set up:

  • Pensive Pavilion (Buddhist stuff)

  • Toolshed Chats (technical talk)

  • Fields of Fantasy (speculative fiction)

  • Hiking Trails (reflections on the path)

  • Galleries in the Grove (ART!)

Like everything in my life, this is an experiment. Let's see what happens.

Huge thank you to those who have followed me on - and from - other platforms! I'll try not to disappoint. ;)



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