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AI Updates: Jan 8-14

Exploring AI's Latest Advances

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1. Lenovo's AI-Powered Devices at CES 2024

  • Lenovo unveiled its new lineup of AI-powered devices at CES 2024. The Lenovo Legion series, featuring gaming laptops and towers equipped with Lenovo's proprietary LA AI chips, promises higher FPS and power efficiency.

2. Generative AI in NVIDIA's Innovations

  • NVIDIA revealed significant advancements in generative AI at CES. Innovations include new GPUs, the RTX Remix for remastering classic games, and 'Chat with RTX', allowing interactive data engagement.

3. OpenAI GPT Store Launch

  • The OpenAI GPT Store is now available, providing access to various applications and tools powered by GPT technologies.

4. Oracle Corporation's AI Business Growth

  • Oracle Corporation has emerged as a leading choice for AI investments. The company secured over $4 billion in contracts for its AI training capacity, marking significant business growth.

5. Salesforce's AI-Powered Cloud Solutions

  • Salesforce, Inc. reported a surge in its stock value, driven by the increasing demand for its cloud-based AI solutions. The company continues to integrate CRM, data, and AI into a unified platform.

6. Free AI Tool Alternatives

  • Explore a comprehensive list of AI tool alternatives, offering diverse options for various AI applications.

7. Portkey AI Gateway on GitHub

  • Check out this innovative project offering a gateway to different AI models, fostering creativity and experimentation in AI development.

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