AINS - Daily AI and Blockchain News 22-4-2023

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Twitter's Bluesky, a decentralized social media project, is gaining attention for its promising networking technology. Meanwhile, scammers used AI to create a fake CEO of Bluesky, and the SEC is warning advisers to apply “heightened scrutiny” when recommending crypto assets. Uniswap trades have soared on the back of Pepe mania in the meme coin market, while Bitcoin's dominance rate hints at an “altcoin season” ahead.

News articles:

NFT Twitter Is All Good Vibes Again—On Bluesky

Crypto Scammers Used AI to Create Fake CEO, Regulators Say

Uniswap Trades Soar as Pepe Mania Grips Meme Coin Market

Arthur Hayes: Market Makers Knew They’d Be Front-Run on FTX—It Was 'Common Knowledge'

Crypto VC Funding Down 82% Compared to Last Year

Bitcoin Whale Moves Nearly $8M After 10 Years of Inactivity

Texas ‘Proof of Reserves’ Bill Passes House of Representatives

What Is Bluesky? The Twitter Alternative With Promising Networking Technology

Correction: Has No Channel With Rhett & Link, Deal Was Misrepresented

SEC Warns Advisers to Apply 'Heightened Scrutiny' When Recommending Crypto Assets

Solana Now Measures Network Carbon Emissions Data in Real Time

Google Merges AI Teams Under DeepMind Banner

Bitcoin Drops to $28,000 as Macro Pressures Bite

Gemini to Open a Crypto Derivatives Platform Outside the U.S.

Ether Erases All Gains From Shanghai Rally as Bitcoin, Other Crypto Prices Also Fall

Decentralized Media Is Breaking Barriers in a Web2 World

Consensus Pitchfest 2023: Finance for the Unbanked

Ava Labs CEO Calls for Crypto Regulators Who Can Read and Audit Code

Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade Spurs Institutional Investment Into Staking

Aptos Introduces Delegated Staking to Increase Participation in Staking on Network

The Most Intense Consensus Ever Seeks Everyone’s Voice

CoinDesk Had a 'Stash' of Bitcoin, and Other Stories Told by Consensus OG Joon Ian Wong

Major Crypto Firms Deny Investing in OPNX, Distancing From 3AC Founders' Claims About Their Exchange's Backing

What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Investing

Traders Are Tired of Trump NFTs

Solana’s Annual Carbon Footprint Equals 8 Flights From London to New York

Susquehanna, DRW Are Among Backers of Bankruptcy Claims Exchange OPNX, the Firm Tweets

With MiCA Past the Finish Line, UK's Crypto Industry Calls for Rules of Its Own

Marvel Studios Founder David Maisel Launches Ekos Genesis Art Collection

Crypto Trading Legend’s Next Move Is Bringing U.S. Treasurys to Blockchains, With Plans for Corporate Bonds, Too

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Falls to $28K

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Won't 'Rush' Into Crypto After FTX Write-Off: FT

Unleashing the Green Economy: How Blockchain Can Transform Climate-Friendly Investment Opportunities

Bitcoin's Dominance Rate Runs Into Familiar Resistance, Hints at 'Altcoin Season' Ahead

EU Crypto Industry Applauds MiCA – But Looks to What’s Next

Abu Dhabi's Financial Free Zone Proposes Legal Framework for Decentralized Economy

AXS Nurses Losses as Axie Infinity's $156M Token Unlock Looms

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