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AINS - Daily AI and Blockchain News 24-04-2023

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Trust Wallet fixed a vulnerability, but $88,000 of user funds are still at risk. More Chinese government employees will be paid in digital yuan. Arthur Hayes says normies don't care about decentralization. Tom Emmer grilling Gensler goes viral on Crypto Twitter. US and EU regulators make moves. Crypto's path to Wall Street could get easier with new plumbing. What's next after Bitcoin's retreat?

News articles:

Trust Wallet Fixed Vulnerability But Warns $88,000 of User Funds Are Still at Risk

More Chinese Government Employees Will Be Paid in Digital Yuan: Report

Normies Don’t 'Actually Care About Decentralization': Arthur Hayes

This Week on Crypto Twitter: Tom Emmer Grilling Gensler Goes Viral, US and EU Regulators Make Moves

Crypto’s Path to Wall Street Could Get Easier With New Plumbing

First Mover Asia: What's Next After Bitcoin's Retreat

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