How to export query results as CSV

So a friend asked me If it's possible to export query results as CSV without paying for their plus or premium plans, So I thought maybe I should write a post about it here. The first thing you need to do is write a query or find the query on Dune that you need. The query here is a fork of the query @sqx wrote for finding specific farcard holders and I tweaked that to query the list of paid stub holders from the paid group. you can find the query here.

Then make sure you have a API key. just make an account on their website, head to this link and click on Create a new API key:

Then head back to your query, run it once to make sure that It works and click on API key above the results:

If you are not a programmer, don't worry, there is no need for coding here, just click on others and you can see that the nice folks at Dune have already provided you with the means to export your query results directly to Google Docs!

Copy that import to Google sheets part, open a new sheet on Google Sheets, and paste that to a cell (The A1 cell will do), just remember to replace that green <api_key> with the API key you made for yourself and then hit Enter, It will load for a few seconds and just like that your query results appear:

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