MindStreamers Updates: 2023 / 9W

Here’s a recap of what happened previous week at Mindstreamers

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This week we focused on improving Gameplay systems, especially the movement and some basic game mechanics (e.g. a basic player controller, camera movement, etc.), tweaked some performance issues, reworked the game’s lighting and set some technical limits for the 3D art. We also added support for creating .exe (binary) files and created the first ones to test our Metaverse in real PC environments. This required us to implement a specific 3D game mode alongside the existing VR game mode. We fixed a lot of the collisions in our game, did a lot of research on the new features in UE 5.1 and finalised the specification of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The 3D department has also been very busy. The primary activities this week has been modeling, rigging (partially), animating and creating video sequences. As well as working on the MVP, we’re also working on a trailer for the MindStreamers. We have added some level sequences, created the first video sequences and modeled the first NPC characters in-game, including the first animations. We’ve also created environments, buildings and props for the MVP. This includes a classroom for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses from universities) and the MindStreamers Clubhouse. We’re currently finalizing the Social Place environment — the central place in the middle of our metaverse where every user will join after logging in.


To ensure the viability of MindStreamers, we’ve started with hypothesis testing to evaluate the feasibility of our ideas and identify potential obstacles that may arise. This process allows us to refine our approach and better understand the needs of our target market.

We’ve started reaching out to angel investors, venture capital firms, and accelerators to help support our efforts.

In order to communicate our vision to potential investors and partners, we’ve begun work on a project white paper. This document will outline our goals, strategies and key features, as well as provide a comprehensive overview of our project.

Marketing & Community

Over the past week we’ve been busy working on a number of marketing and promotional activities to help raise awareness of Mindstreamers and engage with our community.

Firstly, we’ve revamped the MindStreamers website and other social media channels to give them a more polished and professional look and feel. We have also created a range of marketing materials, including graphics and other promotional assets. These materials will help us communicate our brand and message effectively to potential users and investors.

We’ve also established a presence on a number of web2 and web3 social media platforms, allowing us to reach a wider audience and engage with users across multiple channels. For our upcoming MindStreamers trailer, we have created camera moves and made a number of other preparations to ensure that it captures the essence of MindStreamers and showcases our unique features.

In order to better support our community, we’ve created a dedicated FAQ and announcement channel on Discord. This will give users quick and easy access to important information and any updates or changes that may be taking place.

We’ve also developed a series of bots for Telegram and Discord that will help automate certain processes and make it easier for users to interact with the community and access important information.

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