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How to Start with Nothing and Make Money with Crypto

If you've been keeping tabs on everything going on across the globe, you've probably come to the rapid conclusion that things are now chaotic.

People are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet due to growing inflation, housing costs, utilities, petrol prices, and food prices. Either they are forced into debt or they are living paycheck to paycheck. Debt is like an elephant on your shoulders once you get it; it can be crippling and life-crushing.

People are searching for every means at their disposal to merely attempt to advance in life. Because of this, a lot of us are now interested in cryptocurrencies. It might be the next big thing, according to what we've been informed. We are certain that we are early to a market that could transform our life for the better after entirely falling down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the cryptocurrency market in general.

However, there is an issue. Most people who wish to alter their life for the better have very little disposable income to invest in a market as uncertain and volatile as cryptocurrency. What are these individuals supposed to do?

This is how one can start off rich in cryptocurrency.


The harsh reality is that the initial actions you take to transform your life have nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Setting and adhering to a financial budget is the first of these tasks. When you finally keep track of everything you spend money on, you'll be able to see what you're squandering a lot of it on.

You'll be astonished at how simple it is to save a ton of cash simply making cuts to the things you don't require. eliminating electronic games, dining at home rather than going out to dine, and just subscribing to one streaming media service. Or giving up other harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, or soda. I was able to free up hundreds of dollars in the past when I was having financial difficulties by making certain sacrifices and adhering to a budget.

Getting Out of Debt

Prior to even considering investing in the cryptocurrency market, you should prioritize paying off any significant debt you may have. Debt may be crushing, rapidly mounting to a point where you are unable to recover. The majority of people won't like to hear it, but in order to change the situation, we must take all required action. In our situation, that entails a lot of toil, sacrifice, and, effectively, no life.

This can entail working extra hours at your current employment, taking on a second job to work nights, or engaging in side businesses from home. After making the most drastic cuts to our spending, we now need to raise our revenue. You should only be concerned with producing money at this time, so you won't have time for socializing, hobbies, or vacation. Right now, we are unable to afford those goods. We must thoroughly search through our home and sell anything of value. We need to drastically alter our lives if we want to see results since what we were doing previously wasn't working.


After much perseverance and work, we have successfully paid off our debt. because we budgeted, reduced our spending, and increased our income. The exciting part is now here; we can start investing.

While you might pick stocks, real estate, or other financial assets, we are going with cryptocurrencies in this instance. We must first acknowledge that investing in cryptocurrencies carries a high risk, and we run the chance of losing everything. I always choose to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum for this reason. They are the market's blue chips and still have a lot of price potential, but they have the best chance of still existing ten years from now.

Long-term wealth creation should be a set-it-and-forget-it procedure. We are not merchants. Continue to put money into the endeavors you believe in with each paycheck. Ten years from now, we can determine what to do with BTC and ETH after letting their value increase over time.

Passive Income

Time is your most valuable resource when it comes to investing. Compound interest was reportedly dubbed the eighth wonder of the world by Albert Einstein. It is the best tool we have for accumulating money. While Bitcoin isn't now a feasible option for passive income, we can simply generate it with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

You can build a solid revenue source for yourself by purchasing Ethereum, staking it, adding to your position over time, and then letting it run its course. That doesn't even account for the potential price growth that these assets will experience.

The majority of people don't realize how easy it is to increase riches. By having a positive net worth, avoiding debt, generating passive income, and investing in long-term assets. You simply need to do it. Increasing wealth won't happen immediately and will take a lot of work and perseverance, but anyone can do it. It all depends on your willingness to make sacrifices, put in the effort, and take any other steps required to make it happen.

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